Harry Maiden Ltd is situated in Montrose, Scotland and currently employs over 20 highly skilled  staff.

Harry Maiden Ltd has remained in the Maiden family since the business was founded in the early1900s. The work in those days was mainly horse shoeing, agricultural repairs and general blacksmithing. Now the company in the ownership of the 4thgeneration of the family and the 5th generation is currently employed and working within the company.

Our business has developed considerably and we offer a wide range of fabrication services.  Today our main customers come from sectors that never existed when the business started, including pharmaceutical and oil and gas companies.

We carry out bespoke fabrications to our customers requirements or we can lead the design or fabricate from customer issued drawings.  

We maintain an effective, independently certified quality management system to ISO 9001:2015.  This ensures that we are able to deliver a range of specialized services and a robust, reliable product on time and at the right price.

Full material traceability and certification to DNVGL ST 271 and BS EN 12079-1 is available.

We are certified to "CE Mark" our fabrications in accordance with BS EN 1090. 

Aerial View of our offices, workshops and yard:


Employees 1950s: 


Several employees 1940s:   


Joseph Maiden and Smiddy 1920s: